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Firebase Software was left to die because we couldn't fight on our own. 15 years later the public is just starting to learn about the webs Good ol days of boycott and blame.
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Firebase Software was left to die because we couldn’t fight on our own. 15 years later the public is just starting to learn about the webs Good ol days of boycott and blame.

This is a copy of the original press release back when I issued a blog software that directly interfaced with search engines. With me complaining in the interview about no one getting back to us.  Little did we know back then THEY LOVED THE IDEA.  So much they just reverse engineered it rather than partner with me.  Check the dates we predated them all because we HAD TO.  Our voices were being snuffed and it was clear to a person who was constantly shut down in voice that the public couldn’t speak only I could.  Once they got my voice killed no one left to fight. We gave up developing billion dollar ideas for other companies years ago and firebase software became a self help site I left up just to keep the domain name.  In fact some of our tech is STILL ahead of the market 15 years later we just smartly hid it from thieving eyes offline.

Yahoo announced 6 months ago about working to integrate their paid listings into Blogs. FireBase Software has been working on this idea for 3 years. That’’s right 3 years, and today we are proud to announce its finished, it works and its awesome. Our beta sites have performed so well our company is in the black and we haven’t even released the software before now. “We have out-blogged the big boys Says” Donny Lairson “By creating software designed for writers of all forms of media, not bloggers specifically, although this is by far the easiest to use and best blog software we have found from any of our competitors.


(PRWEB) February 14, 2005 — We set the system up to work with any search engine we partner with in the future and we have attempted to reach out to Overture-Yahoo, but to no avail. The number 1 PPC in the world hasn?t even responded to an email, phone call to partner relations, not even to a signed for FedEx delivery to contact the company. “It makes since to attempt to work with the big 3 (Yahoo, MSN, Google) versus always combating them.” Said President Donny Lairson ?Unfortunately when a company goes public it becomes a nightmare to deal with. Their priorities change to controlling growth for stock purposes rather than attempting the impossible.? FireBase Software engaged in open contracts with webs second and fourth largest PPC and have lots of add-on modules built and ready to go for the software, but we intend to release them at a controllable pace. FireBase Software expects to see immediate and huge growth and wants to ensure that the core is sound before adding the extras to the functionality.    Modules like offline article updates, allowing writers to be at trade shows, political events and write in real time on their laptops and update later when Internet access is available, sending the completed article to the site with just a click.    Topic specific Syndicated content importation is one of our more powerful tools. It will change the way news sites utilize Associated press and other mass content distribution. The software eliminates the duplicated labor of maintaining multiform of media; radio, news syndication, television and website updates of the same news. This will also have a positive effect on ?New? or alternative news sources which can see a much wider distribution without the need to pull visitors directly to their site. The big module that PPC search engines will love is a Catalog that directly promotes products into PPC?s and generates the keyword terms for them automatically and verifies that the user is not ?spamming? the PPC.

When building the software FireBase had to overcome thoughts like; why would someone use this? We built the affiliate advertising for PPC right into the software. Users of Firebase Software get paid for using right from day 1. We didn?t want to get stuck with the ?Free Software? idea its not free we just completely changed the way we get paid for it. We only get paid if the software actually works. If our software is not helping you generate traffic then we don?t make any money. This is the integrity check that most software companies will avoid at all costs.

Updating members and controlling false spam accusations at the same time, was another goal. Email campaigns to a member list usually have 35% effectiveness. RSS has 65% effectiveness and your company can?t be accused of spamming. False spam accusations have hurt many businesses over the past couple years and our software deals with that immediately. Every page you add to the software is immediately updated on your RSS feed. Members who are watching a topic will automatically be notified of an update via their RSS readers. Since RSS is the new shortcut to quick website promotion having it built into the software was a must.

Since we were making money even during beta testing we were happy to keep quietly building in order to release a huge platform all at once. We decided to go more quickly because we didn?t want to wait until it looked like WE were the copycats. It was becoming evident that the big three was figuring out what we have known for years. We hope that by launching now more direct contact from these companies will come from their side of the table instead of just ours, Even though we are happy with the partners we have now, and results have exceeded our initial expectations, we know there are things that could be made better by working with the Big 3 directly.

Point and click direct marketing, massive content syndication capabilities, self optimizing robot friendly pages that help prevent search spamming, quick and easy to use website building; The Question is where is your website going in the future and is it flexible enough to get you there?

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