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Hi, Im Donny Lairson and I own Savethegovernment.com as well as other properties. I bought the name before there was a Tea party… Well cause that is just who I am. I tend to see whats coming. Some say I skip steps, Hell when you read what I write you might find I skip words or entire sentences. I do my best to slow down when I write where others are going to read it but even in the proof reading of my own work I may jump around cause the thought processes are completed in my head and I have found as I get older it will down right lie to my eyes. For this I apoligize and I will correct mistakes as they are pointed out or even attempt to make more clear the point I was getting at if need be.

In the past I have been accused of talking down to people when I instruct and its never my intention but I have to change the way I think in order to communicate what I am thinking. Its not natural for me and that tone doesn’t sit well with people who have parental issues. Others love it and occasionally I find someone who can allow my mind to go full out jump around solving mutliple problems at the same time. I drive down the road and think about the problems of the day, I bet you do as well, and like you when I come up with a solution I tell a few people and let it drop. Yell at the Tv about why a bunch of college kids who chose a career that specializes in ass-kissing are not getting why not trying to help me would be the best help I could receive.

So I promised to start putting down some of my bigger ideas in one place particularly as they relate to our nations problems. I rely on people actually clicking the share button to get more readers. Remember just cause our friend posted an article on facebook doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share as well so that your group (which different from theirs) can be a part of the discussion.

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