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Richard Marcinko Founder of Seal Team 6. and Author Rogue WarriorRichard Marcinko Founder of Seal Team 6. and Author Rogue Warrior
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Richard Marcinko Founder of Seal Team 6. and Author Rogue Warrior

Richard Marcinko Founder of Seal Team 6. and Author Rogue Warrior

The first breach of secrecy from President Obama I can remember was when he announced that Seal team 6 killed Osama Bin Laden. “Why was that a breach of security?” you ask. Because Seal team 6 doesn’t exist. They are not a military unit. It was created under Reagan and we sent a man to prison for buying the unit the equipment they needed ( Richard Marckino creator of Seal Team 6) .

Just a few weeks ago the president gave a speech over how they are going to deal with the conflict of interest in gathering data on the Democrats enemies and the use of warrants requirement for the government to look at that information. The answer? Stop asking for permission from a court!

Now that is not what he said. He stated that he was going to privatize the database. Thus giving up another secret privatizing ownership of anti-conservative movements via data collection. Property rights all you have to deal with beyond this point. So If you have Google create a sub company no one has heard of staff it with liberals and you store that data then when the Democrats ask for the data they get what they need and when Republicans want something they can go get a warrant. Problem solved. In Fact I suspect Obama will STAY in Washington after he leaves as this kind of power is a King maker in political speak and its just in his wheelhouse to be that important.

Being a guru of all things technology and somewhat of a long term thinking it struck me that privatizing databases has to already be taking place if they are going public with this one. So I hunted around and damned if I didn’t find some great instances.

Gun Registration has been privatized. announces selling 3 billion dollars in guns and we looked at their code on their website and damn if it isn’t loaded with anti-gun company support in the advertising department. When we viewed it H&R block and Norton Anti-virus run by Google was on display. Both companies are anti-gun and wouldn’t allow their advertising placement in that area without permission via google. Furthermore the Google Ads on display had Tracking cookie intrusion feature turned on so that Google can track all Viewers and help them de-rank any websites that might be gathering political swell storms in an election year.
Because Gun Registration is AGAINST the law *for good reason the last gun registration drive had the Nazi’s rounding up Jews* they now have Meta data for home address, quantity, type, caliber, and location of the dealer used to do background check. Dealers are not required to turn over that information in order to maintain the privacy of their customers (reads citizens) unless a crime is committed and prior to this Google intrusion that information wasn’t in full search at the asking of your nearest liberal.

States who released information and posted in Newspapers who owns a gun and where was the first firing of this salvo. It was stated that this information came from the government. But there appears to be some holes in that story as some of the reported gun owner’s information was more current in the newspaper than was their gun permits. Meaning their updated buying accounts on GunBroker’s information was used to merge this data for a more complete picture than could be had by the local authorities who supposedly handed over the data without a fight.
I highly recommend a complete boycott of GunBroker AND ANY GUN SITE WHERE YOU SEE GOOGLE ADS. The enemy in inside the wire.(pun intended)

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  1. P.S. When you find my body… Google did it.

  2. Dam it…
    What is really going on in this world?
    It honestly seems to me, As I walked down the street or maybe even when am happening to be driven. I tend to sometimes caught people off guard. Do you know what I mean?
    It’s seems to me that people have lost track and focus on what the value of life is really is deep down inside there heart. Maybe it’s couldn’t have been they lost on giving hope a better chance or lost faith in them self.

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