Guns, Guards and the Willfully Clueless – School Shooting Response

School ShootingLive Shot of a Reno Nevada Student being Shot down by Police officer. Just one of the Many "School Shootings" although not pointed out as necessary as the student had squared off to students and officer with Knives in both hands.
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School Shooting

Live Shot of a Reno Nevada Student being Shot down by Police officer. Just one of the Many “School Shootings” although not pointed out as necessary as the student had squared off to students and officer with Knives in both hands.

7 Minutes it took 7 minutes for a Democrat to take the floor and declare that all attempts to end gun violence had been thwarted by the Republicans.  It took less than one day for the Democrat County Commissioner to have interviewed families and they all agreed that the building 12 needed to be demolished.  Not just that commissioner but the school superintendent who stated nothing is set in stone and over to the Sheriff who had also been in the loop.  In my other articles you may notice that I point out that Democrats have a large fascination with “pouring concrete” as the final answer to all political problems.  Apparently, no time to waste here.  Donations can straight to the contractor. It took only 48 hours for students across America to have a single voice in the media to be “non political” in their calls to stand up to the NRA and Trump. Nice trick on that elevate your very political argument to the children.   How very very Woodrow Wilson Progressive that tactic is.

If you choose to ignore how fast these ridiculous responses took place and understand that it’s called “boiler plate” and you choose to change the subject or to attack anyone who points it out.  You are the willfully clueless in the title.  Now let’s talk about some impact that doesn’t require a civil war to rewrite our constitution and a program that has more than money being sent to the very schools who have spent decades telling kids that “someone else” is responsible for their safety and wellbeing.  Those kids grow up to be teachers who want “someone else” to be responsible for their safety.  The problem is TIME.  Time is the friend of those with hostile intentions.  No actions have been taken by a school to decrease time.  Cower and make easy targets of yourself is the response. 2000 years of war and combat the response to an ambush is a counter attack.  Always has been, always will be.  Even the most modern-day massacres will prove that out as the shooters do not stop until another shooter enters the scene. Period.  Stop blaming the gun. The Firearm to the politically power minded is not a firearm it’s a lawful roadblock to taking property rights.  As the firearm is the ONLY piece of property with 2 constitutional amendments protecting it.  The Second Amendment also protects the First like it or not if you do not have the force to back the truth then all debate becomes about who is the better liar.  There is a reason it’s an individual’s rights and not the Governments.  Do not let an official tell you that they are PROTECTING your rights because they do not have the power to take them…Period.  Nothing would have stopped a man/woman from walking into a classroom with a machete locking the door behind them and chopping off children’s heads. The 2014 Kunming attack comes to mind. It happens around the world more often than a school shooting in America.  Access to a firearm doesn’t change a mindset to murder.


The Solution to school shootings and safety

Now Both parties will retreat to boiler plate but it’s time to break that mold.  The Right is not going to blame inanimate objects for people’s actions and the left is going to demand a check be written directly to some institution of their control.

The answer to this and OTHER PROBLEMS is direct police engagement to the school by both local and Sheriff’s departments.  I lean toward the sheriff’s department because they are elected official and seem to lean towards higher ex-military around the country.  Determine how many guards you would need to secure a school.  Once you harden the school with gates with swipe passes so that during an event you can bottle up someone and reduce the time they need enact their killing spree unopposed.  Take number that you need of new guards and Grant that to the Sheriff’s department to add new officers. FOR THE PURPOSE OF ROTATION.  Guards get lazy and this type of duty tends to attract wannabes. Putting a Deputy in school for a 2-week tour familiarizes the deputy with the layout, has them in direct contact with law enforcement and the ability to coordinate via radio to OTHER officers who are now familiar because they did their tours.  Stage willing concealed carry teachers in classrooms where they can be strategically helpful.  Officers coming off short rotation will make an independent filing to drug and gang taskforce since the Schools are ground zero for recruiting dealers and future users, plus the crime that finances these trades.  The full-time purpose of these officers is to familiarize themselves with students and future citizens and frankly the communities current and future felons. We do not need a security guard service who is told to take car of the after-hours graffiti. The purpose here is people not property. I want double bang for my tax dollars because sending a school who can’t produce a kid capable of counting change back more money to do with as they see fit seems to be the definition of “rat hole”.

The last thing I want to do here is turn this problem over to those in the Woodrow Wilson camp of thinking. During the Woodrow Wilson days all 48 states passed negative eugenics laws that was later reinforced by the supreme court case Buck v. Bell which upheld the states right to sterilize and/or put to death the mentally ill. If you are unfamiliar the child, they deemed mentally ill found and was sterilized spent time on the Honor roll later in school. These laws STILL EXIST and were the precursor for Hitler’s sterilization and later euthanatizing of the Jews.  I frankly don’t like the lefts history

Basically, we need to stop calling young adults children with no responsibility until they are 25. The age of adulthood is 18 and that means at the age of 14 they need to start demonstrating the skills to be independently responsible. As I bounced these ideas around to see natural reaction it amazed me how in the “gun free” world a super hero of some kind in form of a teacher or room full of football players being the first room the gun free guy attacks were going to stop the attacks. Your odds against a Large knife are worse at survival than against a gun. Clear thought and reality needs to be address here. The school needs to stop being the breeding ground of bubbles that young people retreat from the reality of the world. Its violent and you need to be a good person who is PREPARED FOR THAT WORLD.



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