How to deny Vets their benefits and increase concrete sales

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8703 Post Service Officer Holly Schiel and National Deputy Chief of Staff & Post Commander Tom Lairson

At a recent town hall meeting governing the installation of 4 veterans cemeteries in the state of New Mexico our head of the Veterans Administration in New Mexico Retired Army Brig. Gen Jack R. Fox.

The day started out with the usual meet and greets in the afternoon with a BBQ provided for the vets.  The General praising the state VA office, Carlsbad United Way, and the Mayors office for all their generosity  in hiring the mayors cousin to cook us vets dinner.

Now if it sounds as if I am being a bit ungrateful to their “generosity” its only because the money to pay for that dinner came from the VETS themselves.  You see behind the scenes is a sham of an operation that is called veteran services.  I happen to be the Junior-Vice Commander and Adjutant for our VFW.  Its a well run VFW we do not sit in front of WalMart and beg for money.  We earn every dime and we pay for the veterans who need immediate care or just support getting to care.  Any time that town wants to hold a public event to honor vets they start by asking US to pay for it.  Recently we started to say no and its funny how the events go away.  Other vet orgs need to take note to not let them slap the word veteran on a project they are trying to shove down the publics throat.

Under Bill Clinton Veterans hospitals were shut down and the closest doctor visit for anything other than to pee in a cup is a 500 mile round trip.  Ever been 60 have all your joints screaming murder, diabetic and look forward to a 5 hour one way car trip to sit in a waiting room at the hospital?   So we provide van services and/or actually write a check to the vet to pay for the DAY $150.  This is NOT your government taking care of the problem it created.  This is us the vets NOT taking the crap and simple “thank you for your service”.

So this cemetery project been going on for over 16 years, has cost nearly 3 million dollars to date and will take 5 more years to complete at an estimated cost of over 30 million dollars.  Have you ever been to a cemetery.  Its a fence around dirt.  Dirt by the way that a local citizen tried to DONATE but the VA has a strict rule of spending money on useless things so they refused the donation of the land.  You would never know by the reporting on the event but the vets didn’t want the cemetery.  In fact the local newspapers article on the matter just no longer exists on the web.

Jack made sure to bring some cannon fodder to the event.  Head of the hospital and brought computers to setup and help vets fast track their benefits.  You know why there is a law that prevents the VA from paying more than 5 years back pay to injured veterans?  Because you plan to take more than 5 years to acknowledge not so obvious things like, You can’t walk, you’re having seizures from chemical exposure, muscle detrition in your 20’s vs your 80’s

Jack also talked about the new parking lot they were building.  It was pointed out for the cost of the new structure they could buy 5 clinics and house MRI and cat scan machines in them and eliminate the need to try and park every vet in New Mexico in the same spot.   This would have an effect of increased care for the same money so it didn’t become part of the debate.  Guess it wouldn’t pay the concrete contractors enough.

So how do you avoid paying for veterans benefits.

High op tempo- that is a military term we used for guys like me that no sooner got back from combat got a 2 week break and was training for the next deployment.  You see some young Clinton employee figured out that if you stop using “all” the 3 million military and only use about 150,000 of them you cut long term health care costs by 80% .  Never mind that a high op tempo burns the body out prematurely. In fact their study revealed that it would almost guarantee PTSD of some sort due to the lack of rest and long term high stress.

Next you make constant mistakes in the paperwork.  In fact my own paperwork is a nightmare and as a 20 year old I didn’t care enough about “later in life” problems.  sure I hurt when I was 20… man up!  Oh wait now I have to ask for help to stand up.  Not everything made it into my record and that was my unwillingness to be a whiner.  Sick bay commando’s we called them WE MADE FUN OF THEM.

I was electrocuted with entrance and exit wounds thrown across the room by 6000 DC volts. Severed the muscle on the front of my right leg and duck taped it closed, broke ribs, waded armpit deep in human waste, inhaled chemicals that were outlawed, breathed smoke,  was awake up to 72 hours at time almost weekly, slept on a 2 inch thick pad covering a piece of steel with an asbestosis covered steam pipe 13 inches above my head. Why do I miss it?

My record says I have varicose veins, my joints hurt and I get headaches.  It doesn’t even list the 3000mg Motrin tablets they gave us for pain.  Records matter is what I am saying should of been someone older and more knowledgeable making sure events were recorded properly.  Then I think at 20 I was that asshole who was leading 20 guys and not having them report injuries directly to sick bay.  Did you know kids are that focused on boring stuff… who knew.

DENY everything.  In 1998 my VA doctor told me to submit a claim again because I did in 1996, actually in 1996 I just wanted the VA to rewrite the prescription for Imatrex (injection for the thigh to stop Migraines) I was given in the Navy.  That was my first introduction to the VA system  and the DENY everything motto.  Make the vet prove over the course of 2-9 years that they are entitled to the same care 1 day out of the military they were getting in the military.

Hide what records they do have and claim they don’t even have them.   My request for my Naval military records has been pending for 2 years.  Oddly enough if I died tomorrow you local mortuary has the ability to get a copy of your DD214 in under 48 hours for proper burial.  That’s a form that’s INSIDE the file they can’t find.

You see when you don’t provide the proof of a claim then the vet can’t make a claim  Its kinda like a hit and run driver.  sure you can sue them if only you knew who they were and could prove they were there.

SIDE TRACK THE CLAIM PROCESS.  Now once your in the claim process your doctor will exam you and find something completely not why your there wrong.  Immediately start treating that.  Will NOT move forward on anything else until that is handled by the see you two months when that freckle clears up.   For me diabetes started about 4 years ago.  My leg injuries 25 years ago but we can not make an appointment to exam the extreme pain in my leg because my diabetes wasn’t under control.  Before in the 90’s it was my blood pressure was out of control.  had to get that under control before we could do anything else.  Frankly I just got tired of the doctors wasting my time and quit going.  It was their plan and it worked.

Tell the public a false stat and keep them calm.   The va wait times have drop to just 2 weeks.  For those with a claim filed.  You see in order to get to use the go anywhere card if the Va takes more than 30 days.  YOU HAVE TO HAVE PERMISSION, that means valid claim, that means even filing a claim, that means having documents to file a claim.  I am 2 years into this round of trying not to give up and we are not at the claim process yet.  So if a clot forms in my leg and rushes to my brain while it should be covered IT WILL NOT BE, I do not have permission from the VA to be in line yet.  And we don’t want any repeats of people dying in line.  All dying will be done off the books from now on thank you.

Do not form a line.  Ok we all have heard that vets were dying in line but from above I am demonstrating the fact that I am not in line yet.  My wait time isn’t started after 25 years my claim hasn’t reached the point seeing a specialist about the fact that I am losing my ability to walk.

Man I hope that fence around the dirt hole they have planned for me is 30 million dollar really nice. priorities.  I hear the long echoing laugh of the Clintons and Obamas talking about all those Shovel ready jobs

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