Is Ford boycotting Firearm Website’s?

It was a 2005 ford we were writing about when their lawyers informed us they wouldn't allow us to even spend our own money to write about their product because we were a gun site.
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It was a 2005 ford we were writing about when their lawyers informed us they wouldn’t allow us to even spend our own money to write about their product because we were a gun site.

This press release was BLOCKED from being by PRWEB because they feared FORD.  This was the last straw with that company that had me form my own PR company which until 2008 had over 26 million readers a year until it was hacked, crashed and a “sudden fire” in my server farm stopped the upstart that was crippling the very powerful media distribution.  No one would come to our aid because NO ONE believed that companies like Google(at the time) and PRWEB would be capable of this type of activity.  Now its common place to know that your deranked or block based on your speech.  Back in the day it was more “mob” style. tactics.  As you can tell from my opening statement I was correct Ford did come after me but not directly they went after my ability to speak to the public by threatening PRWEB who would not publish my press release editorial.

We found in the Ford affiliate TOS(Terms of Service) that any site that deals with firearms is automatically denied the ability to sell Ford. I am absolutely certain I will hear from the Ford Lawyers on this one.  Which is fine, I have a few choice words to spit back at them.  There is a sweeping political change in this country and its a simple thought process.  The minority is not going to dictate new terms to the constitution based on their beliefs.  I am almost certain that Fords Marketing department will correct this problem as a HUGE chunk of Ford’s sales is the same clients that read us here at

(PRWEB) December 12, 2004 — We attempted to contact the reps inside of Ford today that I have a small relationship to no a vale.  Its import for us to point this out just the same.  Large corporations like Ford have a huge responsibility to us to just be unbiased.  I know of 1 Ford/Perazzi dealership, 3 Ford/Gun Dealerships and millions of hunters who own Ford.   It would be a safe guess to say at least 4 million of our readers are Ford buyers.

The important thing here is to see how Ford responds, to our polite requests to correct their actions against those of us who held them in high respect until reading this.

Below is an excerpt from the Full text of their TOS.  It is not taken out of context:

DealerDirect Affiliate Program Contact

Key Requirements
Before applying for the DealerDirect Affiliate Program, please be sure your Web Site meets these Key Program Requirements:

Your site must be live.
Your site must not contain any unsuitable content. Should your site contain, or include, any of the following, you will not be eligible for the program:
Hate/offensive/violent content
Lewd/pornographic content
International Sites
Aesthetically unpleasing content
Abusive or irresponsible promotion of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
Use of the word “sex” gratuitously or excessively
Content aimed at children
Gambling, firearms, games of chance, and lotteries
Your site must not be a home page or a web site without a unique URL.
Please note DealerDirect and LinkShare will review all applications. If you are not accepted into the program immediately, don’t worry, you may be eligible later. Just request again when your site is live and meets the above key requirements. Allow at least two business days from this date to do so.

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