Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and my “other” opinion

Kim Davis being sand bagged by local media creating a story and failing to report the whole story.
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Kim Davis Official file photo

Kim Davis Official file photo

I let the dust settle on this one before I jumped in to the spectacle that it became. As with most of these situations go its personal on both sides and only legal as to which way the politicians can swing the axe of hate.

So let us review how we got here. Kim Davis a Kentucky County Clerk was elected to office. ELECTED that is not the same an appointed or employee. Elected officials are elected to use THEIR judgement. Do I think she used her judgement poorly. Yes. But not that I agree with the liberal view of Gay marriage. There were many ways to make statements and hold your beliefs and utilize your own judgment as elected to do so. She apparently long before this incident did ask for a variance in her duties to allow for her religious beliefs, and let me state this, it does not have to be a religious belief to hold that the word marriage had legal meaning for 2000 years prior. Yelling that blue is just as equal as red and therefore no words have any definition or meaning is cannon fodder to the truth.

Kim Davis being sand bagged by local media creating a story and failing to report the whole story.

Kim Davis being sand bagged by local media creating a story and failing to report the whole story.

If we want to play around with words then lets do it this way. If Gay is a Social decision, meaning that you choose to be gay, then there is no requirement for me to agree with you at any point or to even compromise any of my beliefs on the matter to accommodate your decision in how you choose to lead your life. If Gay is a biological matter, then so is being straight, my rejection of gay is biological matter as is a gay persons rejection of heterosexual relationships and their definitions and the rules of society apply that majority makes the rules for society. Two negatives don’t make a positive is a law of physics matter not the law of the governed.

Marriage is a definition of a specific social heterosexual relationship. It was so defined by religion long before the United States existed. The US adopted the language it didn’t create it. Therefore the court was wrong to think it could redefine it.

All that Aside, that is not where we are today. Today we have judges who took an eraser to the dictionary. They didn’t say you need to have legal definitions that equal the social status of marriage to accommodate gays. THAT would of be reasonable to all except those with another agenda. So they didn’t do that what they did do was state that a government no longer had the right to say no that undefined “marriage” type. Again even conservatives didn’t have a problem with that statement it is simply the destruction of what exists in a manner of enacting NO LAW but retaining the power of the law.

Follow me here, the government always had the right to say no, but now they can only say no to heterosexual marriages, right?

Therefore the BEST course of action for any official on this matter is to follow the supreme court but take the steps they didn’t lay out.

Which are?

If you do not have the right to say no and use personal judgement as an elected official. Then you do not have the right to say yes. Kim Davis no longer has the right to approve ANY marriage license. The government has given up its right to definition and approval of the process.

I know tons of liberals out there are going but wait that takes away the weapon of words that we were fighting for? Sorry yes it does. This is clearly a case of less government would make the situation best for all.

The weapon of Gay marriage is simple but not done being defined just yet. 150 years ago we decided that a woman was unequal to a man and therefore, judges can just could take half his property(even though the constitution stated he would be secure in them) and give it to the woman because of her unequal status. So when a rich man divorces a poor man and then claims in court that,” Your honor he is NOT inequal to me so I maintain to be secure in my property under the constitution.” why the next news cycle will be the call to clean up the judges inability by giving the Judges unfettered access to reassign property as “they” seem fit because all judges are above approach at all times.

Gay Marriage, Guns, Health Care, and Environmental law dig deep and you will find under every stone throw at glass houses the elimination of property rights by the liberal class, often unknowingly on their behalf’s.

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