Privatizing your communism?

crony capitalism vs. privatized communismcrony capitalism vs. privatized communism
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I have had an unspoken feud with Google even before I knew I was in a feud with them. My first notice that someone from that company was even paying attention to me was a year after their launch of AdWords.

We had AdWords up monetizing our Gun Reviews over at and I was quite happy with the results. I knew the math from Google was out of balance but I told my capitalist self…take the money it’s not your fault others can’t do math.

We then received a letter from Google the year after they paid me over $100,000 in revenue that they were “unable to support our type of advertising”. Meanwhile companies that sold firearm and firearm services were still buying ads on Google. That was short lived… Why? Because a gun owner is not a single minded hick, in fact having done this for almost 2 decades now I can tell you that our ideal, and most profitable customer has a college education and makes in excess of $75,000 a year. Then there is the simple fact that 85%++ of all business owners are gun owners, and google gets its money from Business owners and all they want to go away is the gun owners. Liberals have a problem separating actions from reality.

About six weeks ago (February 2014) we hired a new girl in the gun store and I was going over the how to’s of putting overstock inventory onto I personally hadn’t been to gunbroker in years and was shocked to see companies we did battle with back when we first started fighting for our First Amendment(that’s right first, not second) rights from an active suppression of information and a scrubbing of the web. These companies specifically were H&R Block and Symantec(Norton Antivirus) , both these actively harass companies their owners don’t politically agree with. Knowing this I issued the press release and all hell broke free.

All the ads from GunBroker disappeared this was the direct response to make my previous press release look foolish to new comers of the information. Second they actively opened up the and removed GunMuse from it. Now the has been frozen and unedited (supposedly) since 2005 when google purchased the rights to it. Its long boring math but being in the gives a site an advantage on the web. It’s complicated math but basically it’s a way of saying “we don’t suppress” by referring to a site that does the suppression in reference as a bonus to the ranking math. Hand suppression via 3rd party advocate.

All the actions taken against me in the past months require no less than 6 people. THAT’S COORDINATION. Not some random one crazy guy with a bug up his ass. I said this 10 years ago and I say it again. Stop paying other organizations to fight for your rights. Sending check to the NRA doesn’t make you pro-gun it defines the lazy nature of an enemy who will not engage. Not telling you not to contribute financially. Find a zealot to your cause give that guy/gal cash until they become part of the framework of Washington then find another.

Give money to me? Hell no Im just as lazy as the next guy I barely find time to write down my gripes. The current fight we need to take notice of is the outsourcing of communism. In the USA people and companies have rights. While the government can’t make a list a company can. So just take your government over and only do business with companies who hand you their LISTS. Nobodies rights were violated technically. Its lawyer thinking that is clearly obvious to even liberals that it avoids the principal of keeping the government away from creating “enemies lists”.

The Sony hack will be the excuse, the fact that China runs Korea’s internet will be ignored and the end result will be China will oversight of the US internet traffic flow. I have Ebay calling my OWN UPC codes counterfeit and allowing the people who counterfeit MY PRODUCTS to undersell my own production cost. The communist mindset will not take the long view they intend to slaughter the lamb the USA has become not fleece it.

Production of US oil will be crippled by low barrel prices where we can not compete against slave labor markets producing overseas. The Saudi’s decide to produce and the price cuts in HALF that math doesn’t add up, they just don’t have the production capacity so there must be a HUGE manipulation of market price and THAT is what is being done. The USA only produces 5% of the worlds oil and the older than dirt number that we consume 25% is just that. it is OLD we now only consume 11% of the market.

There will be` huge political gains as the consumer has spending money for the first time in since Obama was in office. The economy numbers will look good. The retail stores staying is business will GO DOWN, that’s right DOWN. The American consumer is condition to window shop them go to local worldwide pawn shop of counterfeit goods. Ebay and Amazon, two companies that SELL NOTHING but a service to SELL STOLEN goods. Get a great deal on a TV do you know if two kids didn’t steal it from the back of Best Buy late one night and set up a $29 account to sell you a $2000 TV? There is no check system to require the seller or consumer to “check” the serial number on what they buy against stolen goods.

20/20 just did a special on a guy who did nothing but shoplift from Toys R Us and sell on ebay. This one man was running just over 1.5 million dollars a year in sales.

We need to check our morals and be willing to put safeguards in or the downward slide will be so rapid that no possibility of a pull out will be possible.

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