Produtive Citizen Royalty Where’s your check?

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To tie into my tax plan I have come up with productive citizen royalty. As Democrats or Republicans talk about Natural resources for their benefit or plunder they both agree that the Natural resources our “OURS”. Well that is a super loose term because while my federal and state government take royalty fees for every barrel of oil pumped and every mountain of coal, iron or copper moved they do not really “share” the wealth with me or you. To put this another way its yours but its taxed at 100% before you get it.

Royalty rights are a part of property rights and these include anything from Dirt and water on the property to what you would deem a resource like coal, oil, or timber. When we build a road besides the Tar and oil used on the road there is gravel, sand, steel, and volcanic ash for the concrete. All of these things the government collects a “Royalty” from as they have turned more than 50% of the United States into “public lands”.

Alaska has a mild version of what I am talking about here in that every citizen receives a royalty check for the oil removed from the state, but the state still takes an extra cut for themselves and even under Sarah Palin the Alaskan government took more from the royalty for the States benefit but not the citizens. Keep in mind we live in a Representative republic. Our officials represent our wealth and are tasked with keeping our property secure.

By eliminating the governments direct take and distributing the royalty IMMEDIATELY to productive citizens you would create stakeholders in the natural resource consumption of this country. Since no one wants to see their checks go away burdensome regulations become apparent as it directly effects income. The number will be small but not unwanted. Lets say the number is as little as $100 per month a regulation comes along and reduces that to $40. Every citizen sees the pain while that $60 wouldn’t break many peoples budget it would force a reflection upon what caused that reduction. Same for money going the other direction moving from $100 to $200 a month people would seek a reason as to why they are doing so well.

Where should the catches be? Productive Citizen Royalty the catch is in the title. Under our constitution anyone deemed to be a ward of the state has no rights. This royality should be limited to anyone with a job. You go on unemployment you lose your royality. I know the immediate response why take money right when they need it the most. Simple we need to reward productivity. Consumption of resources is due to productive work. Its production that causes that money to exist and you can’t reward someone for not producing.

Inflation hedging benefits to cycling money through the people before taxing it. Make no bones about it this money will be taxed under my tax plan at the 7%. You do need to look at the inflation benefits as it puts All working Americans into a commodity holding position against world events. Let’s say a Meteor hits Saudi Arabia and all that oil is gone and smoke creates a nuclear winter.(Al Gore would be so proud of me.) The price of oil on the world market goes up 400%. Your $200 a month in royalty’s just immediately became $800 a month. Or lets say some crazed president of the United States goes rogue on us and starts printing money. The US dollar starts to collapse but inflation resistant commodities triple in value. Oil, gold, silver etc. are now trading at 300% of their previous values. Why under our current system the people have less and the government actually benefits from high royalties from a situation it created. But let’s be serious the meteor deal is probably more likely.

This also puts power into the hands of tree huggers. Who think the world is going to explode if we don’t plant more trees. The constant monthly income can and would be used to fund their drive to improve lands protect animals even own property of their own do with as they see fit.

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