Rebuilding the Education system

Cradle to grave is the way an education should be thought of, but never at someone else's definition of education.
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Cradle to grave is the way an education should be thought of, but never at someone else’s definition of education.

Reasons for rebuilding the system from scratch

  • Student education and drive have been separated from parental direction and family goals for each childs achievements.
  • Teachers are in a system that relies on the government for their pay and benefits without any power to achieve more through hard work and dedication to their trade.
  • Political graft has been injected via the construction industry and schools need to expand classroom size. Land is bought cheap rezoned and sold at enormous profit to Schools loss. Average building is grossly inefficient and costly to maintain heat and cool.
  • The curve of spending on education has no direct payback as students are learning less at a higher cost. Schools don’t directly support the Job industry at any level to prepare students for actual work.
  • The student has no direct involvement or understanding the cost of their education regardless if they actual get one.
  • The ability to teach oneself has all but disappeared replaced by a mannerism to ask questions expecting no result.
  • The debt on education is being paid for by kids who haven’t been given the tools to become producers , manufactures, business owners or creators, yet they will be taxed on an education they didn’t receive for their entire life.
  • Personal responsibility and ownership of knowledge both taught and learned does not exist.
  • Poor communities are preyed upon by Socialist idealists who know hate is easy to teach to the ignorant and frustrated.

Education is a commodity and it should be treated as such. Who would disagree that without knowledge, skill coupled with the ability to apply both, that life is decidedly harder to muddle through? This does not mean that you need a pedigree to be hired somewhere to enjoy life. You do absolutely need some very basic skills to move upward in life. The ability to read and comprehend, do math without a calculator, apply deductive reasoning skills, maturity to fail and learn from that experience as well as the failures of those before you and avoid those in order to move forward is just the short list. With these 4 things a person can teach themselves. I place very highly these abilities as for the past 12 years it is the only method by which my business grew. Entrepreneur, enterprising, self sufficient these are not just words they embody these 4 things, with a full embrace of drive to create a successful life.

For the past 30 years, sadly it’s been 30 years since President Reagan tried to put education back into the hands of parents and students. In those 30 years we have seen the largest failure to educate students rivaling some 3rd world countries in our ineptitude. One of the first things that President Obama did when he took office was protect 2 graft systems, killing a program for poor black students in the Washington D.C. area who got vouchers to attend a private school. The average cost of public school is $14,500 per student per year and the vouchers were for Half that amount. The result was superior grades by the students for half the money. Now as common sense using Americans if you tell us for half the money we can get twice the result, we say SOLD. Two graft systems had to be protected Union Dues from teachers which ends up directly into Democrat Politicians campaigns and the Construction Kick back and land deal schemes where our tax dollars buy land at Millions of dollars per acre and build half-ass buildings at premium prices for local Democrat political kick backs… I mean political action committee support. The latest scheme is Greening building with a Energy savings payback of over 30years on equipment that will not last 10 years. That’s right it takes 30 years to get your money back but every 10 years you have to buy new gear…. These people are teaching What to kids exactly?

To simply support vouchers puts conservative thinkers at odds with the Teachers as they are vested into a system where their entire pay is dependant on your tax dollars and if they want a raise in pay, they must support to have your taxes raised. The teachers contracts are with the Unions and Schools NOT with you the parent. You will pay and you will have no say. We have to offer something to the teachers that makes sense tfor them to leave their current system.

Most conservatives have used the phrase attach the dollars to the child in their argument for vouchers, this is half a fix to a big problem, cause we forget about the debt of these dollars when they are wasted. Just attaching the dollars to the child doesn’t make them responsible for the money they spend while learning. Also when you attached a fixed amount to child its guaranteed that the market cost will raise or fall to meet that amount. If you give $13,000 per child then private schools will charge $13,000 if you attach $7000 then they work with that number. The amount of education result per dollar spent becomes just as worthless as it is in public schools, you only achieve the ability to move your kid to another school, hoping for a better result.

Instead move the education debt to the child. Huh?.. you mutter. Lets be real every dollar spent today is DEBT and your kids are going to pay for that debt period. But should your kid pay a debt for an education that someone in Washington D.C. didn’t want or get? No its not their responsibility in life to support anyone but themselves and their family. So we attach a personal debt to each child for education received. We put focused limits on how much debt can be incurred on behalf of the child. Their education becomes their burden and it only makes sense as EVERYONE has to be educated, just like everyone eats. It is a cost that every American will incur simply because that is our society. You can’t do burden sharing if everyone has the same burden, the only thing that happens is large pools of money get misspent simply because the numbers are so large and so few are paying attention, it’s a fact, it’s happening and it must stop your kids are voting to make their parents bosses poor and they don’t understand why or the fact that it has an impact on real people when you use government to steal.

So how would it work?

You go looking for a teacher NOT a school. How much is a good teacher worth? Will the teacher work hard to make sure your child not only learns but stays ahead of the curve? Yes because the teacher is now Self employed. As an educator they provide you with a lesson plan and goals for your child and you agree on a price for that year. Now I am not talking private tutor here. Your kid will still be in class with other kids. Lets say you agree to pay the teacher $7000 for that years education. The teacher has 30 students signed up for the year. That is a gross of $210,000 for that teacher that year. Now since the teacher is in business they will have to provide a building, classroom structure, equipment and materials. These are fixed costs and can be mortgaged out over time like any business but lets look at a small business setup of this type. Lets say they purchase or construct a building for $140,000. They buy 30 top of the line computers at $1500 each ($45,000). Spend $15,000 on furniture. Pay some kind of subscription or dues costs for central materials or virtual teaching companies I am certain will spring up at $10,000 a year. ( These could be things like virtual teacher sharing classes that teach foreign languages, art or algebra for an hour a day adding depth to the school without having to hire a large staff for a small class. The virtual teachers could be teaching 10’s – 100’s of classes at a time) Then lets figure a $20,000 per year in unexpected costs, breakage or field trips whatever. Fixed cost loans around $200,000 that’s around $1300 per month on a 15 year loan. That puts this business annual costs at around $46,000 that means the teacher nets $154,000. If you’re a teacher reading this are you worth $154,000 per year? I hope you are. I am in fact betting that most teacher are and that it’s the structured environment that you’re in that is preventing your success. It’s not hard to see that with this kind of income loans could be paid off very early increasing the annual profit. Allowing for teachers to spend on money on things we couldn’t even dream of because frankly no one has ever given the ability to  think freely about how to better education or the freedom to try in real time different methods of teaching see the results for themselves and act accordingly to change direction or move forward. This freedom leads to success and success in ones work is normally very enjoyable.
As a business owner the teachers have the right to refuse service or remove trouble causing students from class. There is no entitlement to be in school. Education is the student’s privilege they are paying for it. If there is a problem with the child that needs to be addressed that is not the teacher’s responsibility to raise the child only to educate them.
So how would the debt work with my child? Each education program either annually or by program ( In high school years your child and/or you may choose to go to tech, skill or trade schools) These would be a huge jumpstart in life. Lets say that for the average 12 years of school your child accumulates $120,000 worth of personal debt, He/she got all the basics and took 3 trade schools Welding, Automotive repair and Business marketing. Any time your child gets a job a 10% withholding comes out of their check. Including part time jobs while in High school. This money goes directly to pay off their educational debt they incurred. The better their job the faster they pay it off. The debt can be capped by the Child if desired over a 40 year payback. So $3000 per year would be the minimum they could pay back. There are other structures already in place by companies and the government that could pay this down much faster. Military enlistment with certain job skills could pay $40,000- 60,000 enlistment bonus’s. Companies trying to entice certain job skills could offer direct education payoff bonus’s.

When you view the cost of this program long term it become the true Zero sum game. Every dollar borrowed is paid back to the government. In the 12th year of the program the annual cost gets cut almost in half and by the 24th year the program would break even annually, with a recoup of initial costs coming in the years to follow and by the 40th year the program should be self funded with money that isolated from congressional hands for any reason.

This example is a Premium education example there just simply will be teachers who work for less money, husband wife teams who can share resources and cut costs. Small companies and maybe even Corporation level type schools that can keep annual costs under control. The Washington D.C. private school would only be $84,000 in cost at current rates. Even with a $2100 per year payback. Frankly even if the student decided with that premium education to work a $21,000 per year job they will still be paying back their costs. With the current cost of a K-12 Education at $156,000 per student that learns zero marketable skills and is left so ignorant that must on average incur another $80,000 in education costs to become marketable it’s easy to see that each and every American attending school today is being forced to take $236,000 in debt for a zero choice in how they are educated and what skills they receive. There can no longer be an excuse of disadvantage as a reason to escape personal responsibility. Failure to apply yourself, skills and education are a personal problem not a national crisis that needs to be solved with a loss of freedom and financed by those who sought success from the start.
This program would bring teachers into the market instead of putting them at odds with it. When a bill goes through congress to tax Small business then it affects the educators of future Americans and common sense and self preservation are not at odds with the Goals of a free nation. Children would become aware of the debt they are going to have to pay in their Teens and this should focus them becoming skilled and marketable even in areas that they find fascinating.

While not the most important but definetely high on the bonus list is this system would seperate graft from the system by politicians. Tight tolerance on Zoning laws that seek to limit teaching should be understood for what they are thievary. You can’t seperate your child from the government if you can’t seperate your teacher from the government. To Save the Government the population must understand the responsiblity of freedom of choice.

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