Republicans Vote to allow Obamacare to steal 48 Billion from Veterans

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The VA has budget shortfalls of over 2.6 billion dollars in the last reported years of the Obama administration.  Why is this?  The Obama Administration reported that they had a sudden influx of over 2 million vets.  Since the US only deploys about 180,000 to combat zones and the average age of our troops is 22 years of age and the average age of our VA patients is 58 years of age where did the SUDDEN come from?

To add to the problems of todays vets in Lame Duck session GOP voted and Obama even signed to give money to research the effects of Toxins on our troops.  A study that took 12 years the last time and is over 400 pages long and was completed in the year 2008.  Wait did he say completed?  Yes I did folks completed.  The study found that more than 180,000 troops @ 25% of the combat deployed have a genetic defect that doesn’t allow them to absorb neurotoxins at the same rate as 75% of the p0pulation.

Gulf War Syndrome findings from 7 years ago not one doctor I talked to is aware of the VA’s own research.

Now here is the political rub of this finding. Chronic symptoms lasting more than 6 months becomes an undeniable claim.  The word they use is PRESUMPTIVE.  Since this landed one month before Obama took office Dec. 2008 it really screwed with the hijack they had planned for the VA budget.  How did they hijack it. They finally after 40 years declared Vietnam Vets disabled and unable to work.  They are 65-75 years old now so this is a given.  The effect of the new laws in Obamacare though moved 2 million Vietnam vets benefits from Obamacare rolls directly to the VA Budget.  An unplanned Expense bam you have 5 billion in extra expenses and a 2 billion shortfall.

Wait there is more.  So they didn’t plan on that 200k new guys who would be automatically disabled by the findings at full compensation. See most of the Vietnam guys got hearing tests so no money per month just free health care at a local clinic.  Making the lines insanely long as you may of heard.  The Gulf War crowd were going to be 6 billion dollars @30k / year per GWV  in just compensation alone and that doesn’t include research for cures or actual healthcare, which was going to be more than Motrin tablets.  The nerve pain alone has led to massive overuse of Opium pain killers and 22 suicides a day since 2010.  Hmmm Bush had 289 suicides his last year how did Obama wind up with a 4000% increase in suicide rates after the VA stop publishing the numbers in 2010?  22 x 365 = SUSPICIOUS and most likely overuse of OFFSCRIPT Mood stabilizers as pain killers.(research coming I have FOYA’s in).

So are we supposed to wait another 12 years (its been 25 years so far)  What if its inconvenient for that party to spend the money.  Give more drugs that causes suicide and see if the numbers correct themselves?  I’m not saying that’s what happened. But you have to admit what a GREAT budget surplus you get from 8000 suicides a year for 8 years 64,000 dead @ 30k/ year = 2 Billion per year and at this rate if we can wait another 12 years for the same report that will save another 3 Billion per year.  That’s a 60 billion in “savings” while we research a settled topic.  What’s worse is the study has civilian effects regarding the use of pesticides on fruit.  This has a direct impact on fruit we get during the winter months from South America. (Have you sliced an apple and let it sit lately doesn’t turn brown).

VETERANS WHO READ THIS DEMAND THE WORD VETERAN BACK.  When non veterans use the word veteran the public thinks combat. ONLY 15% of the troops ever go to combat.   Politicians and scumbag charities use the word veteran its like PETA using the words beaten puppy.  I FOUND ONE GIVE ME MONEY.  Do not let the public use us.  Get off your ass and join the 120 year old VFW BEFORE YOU NEED IT.

GOP PUT THE DAMN MONEY BACK.  We are tired of your thank you’s on veterans day and your FU’s on your ignorant votes we expect this treatment from Democrats and forgive them for their lies and ignorance, you have no excuse with us.


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