Reveal do not Repeal Obama Care

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Well its been 2 whole weeks since the November Election and Republicans are starting to use that four letter words that I hate so much “CAN’T”. So I watched the debate saw what the liberal pundits were saying. Listened to what the power hungry Republican old farts are griping about and as I tell anyone who works for me bring me solutions not problems. So here is my solution to how to handle ObamaCare without pissing off us average Americans and even most of the liberals who support this mandated death and destruction to freedom. Reveal don’t Repeal the bill, and do it simply.

If you’re a liberal and don’t read the actual bill that most of us hate so much let me put my summed up spin on what when through our government.

ObamaCare was a TAX REVENUE plan not a health care plan. The government took control of the end of life decisions and most quality of life decisions and the Medical Advisory Board (Death Panels) have a cold math system to decide on these decisions. If you get care will be dependant on your contribution to society in the form of future Tax revenue collection. Will saving your life be profitable for the government?

Now I’m not stupid, and I think I  face the reality of life better than most. Life is fleeting and its not certain enjoy it while you can. But to trade a lifetime of wealth for heroic life saving treatments at the end of your run well that should just be YOUR decision.  Me personally I have no intention of undergoing any treatments that leave my inheritance to my love ones at risk of being sold off just to pay the tax collectors and bill collectors. If it means I have to go a few years earlier than I could then so be it. People you love die but no promise that if you give up a lifetime of wealth then the government will prevent your death will ever be fulfilled. They are not saying but they damn sure elude to that primal survival instinct when they talk about this issue. That all stated lets talk about how to give me, my family and my friends back the right to make their decisions their way.

The Bill to Reveal the  Health Care Bill and Force the debate that didn’t happen the first time and actually get a veto overriding response.

The Federal government had no such authorities to dictate the tax collection and budgetary spending of the states with the governor SHALL language throughout the bill. This is a clear overstepping of the bounds of the federal government and the Reveal bill will simple state this fact and give authority to the state to make the decision to be a part of the bill or not but they can’t cherry pick which parts its all or nothing.

Secondly No state will have the authority to OPT INTO The bill until that state can PROVE they have the financial resources to fund their part of the bill without any federal money intervention nor borrowing of resources to do so.

That’s it folks very simple Constitutional authority returned to the state where it belonged and Financial responsibility mandated to prevent Rogue liberal states like California becoming a huge funnel for health-care welfare and you can let that bill be law all day long and not one dime will be spent on it.

For those who didn’t get it. You have to plan ahead. How are Democrats going to argue that States don’t have authority over their own tax collection and spending of those taxes. On the Financial responsibility side do you think they  can have any valid point that we should be borrowing a Trillion dollars a year from China to pay for the Federal governments costs or the fact that states will have to raise taxes to pay for these costs being shifted to them via the legislation.

To Save the Governement Elected officials should be deemed to be under oath when speaking in front of mass media.

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