School Choice 2018

Did you choose shooter safety over a bigger threat to your children?
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The sun is not even quite up yet, air is crisp but not frosty and any glimmer of the morning sun touching your face warms the soul as fast as it warms the skin.  It’s the kind of day you hate to take for granted as you drop your kids off for school.  The usual conversations are taking place who hit who, “I forgot my homework”, “you said you didn’t have homework?”.  Enough already, all curtain climbers out of my car go learn something.  You’re already out of the house so this morning’s errands are next up and they only take an hour to make the loop of stops, easing your way back home when you have to pull over for the police car that is lights and sirens weaving traffic blowing through red lights somewhere, he came up behind you so fast you got a little scare and some adrenaline pump from the sights and sounds, then another, then another.  Your local radio station breaks with news, there is an active shooter in your kid’s school.

Back in the classroom, the morning bell has rung, and everyone still isn’t seated is Miss Smiths class, but it doesn’t take but a conversational volume word to get everyone into a forward learning position.  Miss Smith has the respect of her students and there is just something about the way she carries herself that she always has had this effect.  Troublemakers come and got through the years, but she takes care of it in the classroom, a quick word to shut down the behavior and look that everyone knows she meant what she said.  Not the kind of person to send her problem kids down to the principle for others to deal with nor will she let these problem makers drag down her schedule of learning.  It’s just experience, of course experience is what you get shortly after you need it.  The well-oiled machine that happens without thinking of how it’s done, is the reflection of those past failures and her willingness to learn from them.

Across the hall in Mr. Jones classroom the bell may have rung, but the reuse of last night’s sitcom put downs are being tossed at loud volume as if they are original thought.  Mr. Jones is a popular teacher, he lets the cut downs take place, laughing a bit while sheepishly acting as if he hadn’t been. Mr. Jones has never gotten over not being one of the popular kids when he was young, and he naturally do to his age and position gets a pass as one now if he doesn’t break the rules of popular click.  He has learned to hide his insecurities and fears from one click to the next.  His demeanor changes from in front of kids to the teachers’ lounge, to the weekend activities crowd that’s just how he has learned to adapt his life to always fit in and have a crowd of similar around him.  Its basic animal instinct gazelles that don’t stick with the herd get eaten by the lions.

Pop, Pop, Pop a pause Pop, Pop, Pop while the sound raises everyone heads no one is panicked and both teachers can see each other from across the hallway as they keep their doors close but try to sneak an angled look down the hallway. Pop, Pop, Pop both teachers lock the doors and slide a chair to the door knob to barricade the door.  The police are on their way.  7 minutes away. Lights off, ” I want everyone in the corner out of the line of sight of the door, you boys pull that desk in front of us” Pop, Pop, Pop followed by the active shooter alarm going off, doors slamming from other classrooms where those that had opened them trying to see down the hall.  The brain is just not conditioned to believe this is happening, what was the training we got Level 1 is everyday activity and it’s the easiest to be caught off guard. Level 2 your guard is raised and your prepared to go to Level 3.  Level 3 you know the what ifs.  If the bad guy does this, I do that preparing the brain to overwrite the adrenaline that is forcing the body to shake and the eyes to try to go to tunnel vision.  Put my head on a pivot look around engage force the brain to prepare the bodies overdriven muscle responses Level 3 is here I must prepare to act.  Level 4 is coming I must act, Level 4 is coming I must act, Level 4 is coming I must act. Pop, Pop, Pop

“Shots fired at ABC Elementary, active shooter in progress all units responded.”  Lights on, siren on “Unit 12 responding” Officer Jake is doing his best to keep his head on a swivel.  His 5000lb car is doing its level best to drive straight with the howling growl of the police interceptor engine digging pavement like the car understood the radio call.  Damn drivers, hard brake, accelerate, swerve, time that car and run the intersection at 65mph.  Officer Jake is bouncing from Level 3 to Level 4 every few seconds, he has trained for it but more importantly he has experienced it sometimes daily.  Keeping the adrenaline from shutting down the brain, keeping the brain in the car and trying not to think about the shooter yet.  One task at a time. TIME that is what officer Jake is fighting for.  Time is the friend of a shooter and the enemy of those who will stop them.  There’s some open road let the engine groan and pray no one decides to pull out of that line of cars early.  Shepards prayer keeps popping into Officer Jakes mind, not the biblical one but Alan Shepards famous prayer just before he launched into space. “Dear God, please don’t let me fuck up”. White knuckle swerve, touch of panic, more engine groan 2 minutes away.

This will be easy, I’ll show them, they accepted those losers friend request and not mine? Just wait, wait until the President is on TV talking about me they will regret not being apart of this epic photo bomb. Always saying my name with that tard voice TIIIMMMY. Fuck South Park. Bet my video breaks a million views in under an hour.  Bet the President says what they always say about how they should of done more for me.  If there were two of me the earth would have to revolve on its axis.  For the next week the world will revolve around me bitches.  I will hide in the bathroom until first bell then wait until the hallways are clear. How dare they reject my military application, I will show them that I can kill kids as good as any marine.  That’s what marines are built for, I can be what I was taught they were. How dare you not let me kill kids and get thanked in public. I hear what they do at school and see how the world treats them for just being. All this built up pension and now all this power from the adrenaline.  I’m on the right course I can feel the power every time I grip the pistol, I draw up the sights and nothing can get to me behind that shielded view of the world.  Only 20 hits on my video so far bastards…Ring Ring Ring … Get ready to shut down the internet bitches. Should I go left or right, Mr. Jones lets those guys poke at me before he breaks it up with a “let’s get started” They started on me 5 minutes ago you dick.  Left it is.  Work my way down try to get the high score 20 extra points if I shoot them while they scream.

The door opens, and the pistol raises to a line of sight.  The children look frozen in their seats and faces, the teacher being in level 1 stares at Timmy. Bang, Bang Bang. Teachers down, the room is in chaos, kids spreading out like a drop of soap hit an oil film on calm water.  The noise inside the classroom was way louder than he expected, thoughts and ringing is all he can hear.  Bang, Bang Bang these guys are moving too much and instinct says don’t enter the room where they spread to both sides someone will be behind me they will stay in this room m better move on.

The door knob jiggles and you hear a collective gasp from the kids as they press themselves harder into the corner instinctively trying to make themselves smaller targets.  Bang the knob explodes and the chair that was leveraged up against it has nothing to keep it upright it falls, Bang, Bang The door jars loose and Timmy pushes the door and chair aside. There he is as we all trained for nice pile of asshats all ready to make me famous. This is too easy. Bang Bang Bang Reload Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang need to move not his class yet.

“Unit 12 on scene entering south side” Pop, pop, pop PAUSE Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.  “Multiple Shots fired, moving north from south entrance. Number of suspects unknown” Officer Jake is now double timing down the hall to the intersection. Another door knob is jiggled, BANG, BANG, BANG.  Officer Jake turns the corner to see Timmy “FREEZE” Timmy steps forward inside the classroom.

If you have been reading this just knowing how it was going to end you’re wrong, there is no good ending to this.  This story is about FEAR above is the personal fears and below are the political ones. Should our teacher Mr. Jones allowed Timmy to be insulted a few minutes every day for his own popularity? Easy to stay no but its happening thousands a times a day and there are not 1000’s of shootings.  Should our shooter not be in a mindset that extreme action to daily events is necessary? Should officer Jake been on the campus vs on the street getting the experience to deal with this very situation?  Putting a uniform on and a sidearm is NOT experience. How do we overcome the fact that some of the largest mass killings in the past few years were done with knives and machetes?

Did Bill Clinton set a trend with Columbine not knowing that popularity would be the cornerstone of the internet and children’s lives.  In hindsight going on TV and shutting a nation down was not the right trend to set.  2 decades later only Fox News has started to NOT report names and popularize these people. Decades of telling children they are smarter than their parents and other grown ups simply to feed them a fact deprived political view with no real-world experience to absorb such complex issues nor the wisdom to know that empowering reckless overreaction.  I am being a combat veteran through in the military rejection and the conflict of being called baby killers by the educational establishment vs the real world that often wants to shake my hand and the body language from being revered to eyes down shame because someone is NOT a combat veteran.  We see this body language so do children.  Its not the veterans fault that people feel guilty for not joining or deploying.  Its my personal view than any vet looking to be thanked was worthless person before they joined.  You should join to improve who you are not change what others say about you.

What about our teacher Miss Jones I set her up as a conservator thinking who deals with problems at the time.  Maybe she has a concealed carry you may have been thinking.  Maybe but where? Her purse, lock box in the classroom certainly not actually on her person.  It takes a LONG time to get use to the weight of carrying a gun and 93% of CC holders usually don’t carry for that reason.  Sure we could change the school policy that made her keep it in the car?  But what about Wal-marts no carry signs so that she can learn to be comfortable doing so.  Lock box in the classroom. Locks get broken codes get stolen and then what “Teachers gun used in shooting” on the news.  Throw the teacher in jail using the usual anti-gun spout-offs used against conservatives.  “you should of locked it up better”

Let me tell you about the secret war on your rights and I am not talking about your second amendment right.  Since 911 The government has been creating regulations to force companies to violate your rights because your rights are only secure from GOVERNMENT ACTION.  Your insurance company must now tell the state when you don’t pay your bill, your right to privacy doesn’t apply with them and they are regulated to tattle on you.  You buy land that’s done through abstract company because the government has no right to know what you paid for it or sold it for.  The Abstract company is now REQUIRED to tell the government even though the government plays zero roll in the title or transfer.  Deposit more than 9800 a form gets sent to the IRS and FBI. WITHDRAW more than 9800 and a Form gets send to the FBI.

Have a frog on your property well that now belongs to the EPA, Use Medicare and the state can now take your home to “pay for the care bills”, 150 years ago we declared that a Woman was in equal to a man in some states.  Gave judges the right to TAKE PROPERTY and give her half, despite his right to be secure in that property.  With equality all caught up we still haven’t reverted to what is yours is yours.  Homosexual marriage will be the key when a smart man states to a judge this person is the same sex as me and therefore not in equal and you have no power to take my property.  The fix will be judges getting the power over ALL property that’s why gay marriage is important to the left, just another opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted to achieve the goal

The Firearm is the only “property” that has 2 constitutional amendments to protect it. The 2nd protects your rights to own it for power equalization against your own government.  Plus, it’s still property and you are secure from the government knowing what you do with your property.   115 million-gun owners in America did not go on a shooting spree yesterday or will never even dream of doing so.  115 million you can look at that as a lot of guns or a lot of reasons why the gun isn’t the issue at hand.  Protect your kid’s constitution, their property their lives and their changing views.

Did you choose shooter safety over a bigger threat to your children?

Moving the age of buying firearms to 21 means what?  Your daughter can’t carry at college of rape and higher learning where they have campus police but the highest area of rape in any city is the school campus. This was the very reason I personally DID NOT WANT A CC law it took away a woman’s ability to protect herself at college.  The political reason behind this simple keep people away from conservative groups for as long as possible.  Cut off personal interaction and force them to rely on the internet for opposing views.  Since your First Amendment right has not been taken over by the government then, companies can shape the views without regard to what the population desires.

The reason you wanted an outcome to the story is the same trigger used by politicians you wanted me to solve the safety of children for you. I’m surprised someone hasn’t suggest that Vouchers be the answer so you can choose a school with guards Life… prepare yourself for it, don’t let the politicians lie to you about the quality of your safety.

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