Trump Vs Putin Vs European Union

Jean-Claude Juncker may be plotting to keep Russia and US at odds to undo BREXIT vote.
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Jean-Claude Juncker may be plotting to keep Russia and US at odds to undo BREXIT vote.

#SyrianAttack The Russian Federation is taking the blame for the Alleged gas attacks in Syria once again.  Now I use the word Alleged because all 3 governments are using those words.  People need to pay attention to words more and when the government uses words like Alleged and Suspected just replace them with their real words Marketing and Bullshit.

One week after President Trump demanded an exit strategy from Syria his was forced to keep his word again based on the evidence presented to him by intelligence agencies.  The same agencies that were 100% certain that WMD’s were in Iraq and Trump colluded with the Russians to change votes and thought a video got our Benghazi outpost attacked.  The fact that they are often wrong is not really the problem as much as they are often wrong with a definite political slant to their point of view in who gets burned and who doesn’t by the information.

Syria has a small area of strategy to us in that Putin needs a “Warm Water Port” in order to be able to sell oil 5 months of the year that they are locked down by winter.  This is a PUTIN problem not a Russian Federation problem that mans single minded goal to reach a warm water port via Syria has been going on since the 1990’s He re-ran for President because he needed an Army to pull of this challenge to his personal quest.

With only a short time to go and Victory certain in Syria, Intelligence agencies claimed they gassed what was less than a 100 people after just getting blamed for gassing one guy and his daughter in England.  IN ENGLAND being key because there is more timing here that has to do with the final BREXIT vote. Jean-Claude Juncker is the head of the European Union and this old family has a history of attacks that get blamed on third parties to move politics.  The European Union wants Great Britain back into the fold.  Jean-Claude is a firm believer that he is the best hope for a one world government.

Amongst the other problems caused by Obama that make the news like sending Billions in cash to terrorists that couldn’t be tracked.  Removing missiles that protect our allies in Europe, shuffling off the money to a company called ATK to spark an underground Anti-gun movement, Drawing redlines destabilizing Libya, starving the US Military that was downsized to begin with to a point that our small military was less than 30% ready to fight, he also monetized the US Debt and shipped it to European banks.  17 Trillion dollars printed and held by EU.  Then gave ICANN control over to foreign interest so that would be no more worrisome problems like the First Amendment while it was controlled by the US government. Utilized the FISA courts to spy on his political enemies and hired 17,000 + zealots that cause grief while in government and can’t be fired. AKA deep state.

phweew… All of these seeming individual bad decisions connect and when you add in “never Trumpers” you have what is becoming an impeachment setup.  America didn’t just lose manufacturing jobs like steel, the smelters were bought and shipped to Germany under various George Soros ownerships. Americans production might is her TRUE war might and our enemies will not keep making the same mistakes. Control media, Control production, Control the battlefield, the method may be complex but the concept is not.

Evidence that the EU was the one who staged the Gas attack didn’t seem to make it to the POTUS desk.  Looking like we can’t blame deep state Democrats but this plan seems to be led by NeoCons and Never Trumpers who want to let the Democrats have a real Excuse to Impeach Trump.

Just laying out a series of facts that point out that there was nothing in this for Trump or Putin.  Its looking like the marketing to put distance between Trump and Putin may be more about divide and conquer by the EU.  It this fact that forced Trump to relook at TPP but evidence will show that a bilateral with Japan is the better way to go.


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